Monday, September 03, 2007

Jungle Nite

First and foremost, Happy Birthday Cekmi. Do take care and have fun. Sms me when you are back.

Annual dinner was fun. We had it on the eve of National Day. Things were a bit chaotic in the beginning as the hotel was quite late in setting up the room. People were arriving and we still not ready. Our staffs had to lend them a hand with the set up. I was also quite disappointed because they cannot provide us with the flowers they had promised. They have lots function that day and the flowers were out of stock. Had to rush back to the hotel room to get ready or i'll be late. Despite the hiccups, the whole event was great. Lots of animals that nite and one cute pink rabbit. winks. winks.

I think everyone enjoyed themselves. I did. Even better with the presence of Cekya and Awan as our unofficial photographer. It was good to have them around. Life cannot be more better when you have your good friends to enjoy the joyful moments with you.

Thanks Awan and Cekya. Photos can be seen here.


she-blocks said...

hehehehe...comelnye missy wabbit. with her white/blue paints on her face. hehehe

cekmi said...

thanks for the wish.
still in bangkok.
Great day sis!

er.. is that really u? hehe

walkthrulife said...

thanks cekya...

kenapa tak caya ke cekmi that i actually wore that suit? The cutest rabbit ever..hahaha