Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Blog Revival Day

Thanks to those who initiated ‘Blog Revival Day’. My blog do need resuscitation as it has been idle for quite sometime…a very long time, I must say. I hope with the Blog Revival Day, the blogging arena will become active again.

Ever since the existence of Facebook, the urge to blog slowly thinning and diminishing. Most of us started blogging in 2004 and so did i. I met great people through blogging and few of them are now my blogsahabats, whom I consider as family.

Each of us have stories to tell, we laugh and cry at it but most important we support each other in time of needs. I have been through leaps and bounds in these few years and a close friend whom I know through blogging is always with me until now. The blogging arena has somewhat create a support group without we realising it.

Blogging – where people meet people and strangers become friends.

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Pak Pin said...

thank you for leaving ur trail on my blog :-)