Tuesday, October 02, 2007

morning stanza

2.30am and eyes open wide.
wide awake and so alone.
alone creates loneliness.
loneliness of the heart.
heart in despair.
despair of love.
love hurts.
hurts me.

2.30am, sg buloh

**saying goodbye to Kota Singa each time were not easy. there were the certain kinds of feelings. Felt like i left behing few pieces of my life puzzle.**


cekmi said...

leaving kota singa is not easy. but, er, could u pls be more specific? hehe (if u dont mind lah)

walkthrulife said...

memories that are still fresh

lunacy said...

lets see.. kalau ada rezeki u kat sini.. you can stay even longer *wink wink*

cekya said...

i wonder why eh...still wondering.