Thursday, October 11, 2007

Show cause letter

Pagi2 tadi ada satu email yang really pissed me off. Kurang pahala puasa ku hari ini...pagi-pagi dah curse berbakul-bakul. Yang wtl tak paham orang lain pun ambil EL by informing their peers and subordinates tapi they pick on me. If nak imposed the rules, impose lah kat semua orang..not only towards certain person. Memang cel*** punya perempuan

I think what happened to me is more to a personal attack because i replied to her email and one quite harsh email that was accidently sent to her. Before i went out of the office, she called me and handed a letter. I was required to write a show caused letter stating the reasons for my two earlier EL applications within 7 days from the issuance of the letter which is today. It was signed by my CEO. Failing to do so, a disciplinary action will be taken against me. What the fucking shit is going on here? As far as i am concern, my boss don't have any problem with me taking the EL...why are they making so much fuss out of it. Orang lain pun ambil EL..tak kena pun tulis show cause letter. This is shitty shit.

If memang betul tujuan dia untuk to get back on me..I won't forgive her, never, never in my life.She tarnished my employment record. If i got a better offer elsewhere, i will sure that it will be made known to her of it. Biar it lingers at the back of her mind.

Saat ini i really wish that i got a better offer elsewhere...

It pissed me off..really pissed me of. Damn it!!!!

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