Sunday, April 13, 2008

New experience

"Telah jauh terpisah, diriku dan dirimu,
Dalam ruang dan waktu,
Sendiriku jalani sepiku, tanpa dirimu,
Resahku tanpa hadirmu,
Sungguh berat hatiku untuk merasakannya"

It really has been a while since update..not taking into account my previous entry. My life surely has been quite hectic. Next week will mark my second month with the new company. It has been a joyful ride. They are nice people..alhamdulillah. I am reporting to 4 people...but i don't mind. Perhaps like people say if you are happy with the environment, you will find ways to manage all that. One thing i notice, those people are very knowledgeable at what they are doing, very technically sound and things are at their fingertips. I am impress..still am. I hope i will get to learn from them. I meet-up with Cekya even more frequent now that we are nearer to each other...usually after office.

I have to admit it was quite tough at beginning. Not so much on the work but on the travelling. It took me 2 hours to reach the office and another 2 hours going back...and don't let me babble about the train. Sometimes i felt like crying because after a long day at work, taking a fully packed train..standing all the way from KLCC to Kelana Jaya, i still need to drive for about 30-40 mins to reach home. No more reaching home at 6.30pm. Now i am quite used to it already and furthermore next year we will be moving out to our own place in for now, just bear with it.

Yesterday i got to know something that made me annoyed. Still remember the b**** that gave me the show cause letter? Well, someone asked her why i abruptly left the company and her answer was 'she is slacking'. If i am slacking, then why my former supervisors told a broker that he lost a very good assistant to a competitor. Even the broker admitted that and told about it to somebody else. Damn you b****!!!


lunacy said...

hey! glad that ur happier these days.. uwh! dun worry abt that b! "wat goes around comes around" .. she will hv turned ;)

she-blocks said...

hey girl!

a b*tch will always be a b*tch.
dia jealous you got a better place to go and she's stucked there. banyak sabar ok?

walkthrulife said...

Lun - i am...i am smiling in fact.

Cekya - Kak Liza said the same thing. :)

cekmi said...

What!!?? 2-hour journey to and from ur workplace? i must say that my 5-min drive to work is excessively lucky.

oh yes, i agree with k lun. that b****'s turn will be next. dont worry.

lunacy said...

cekmi, jgn nak acsyen eh bout ur 5 mins drive to work post latest pics of things in johor can??