Saturday, April 19, 2008

Losing someone...

"If I could turn back time
If I could find a way
Id take back those words that have hurt you
And you'd stay"

Losing a friend is never easy..especially those who you share your happiness and sadness with. It is even harder when you eagerly want to share something with her/him and only to notice that she/he is no longer there for you. When a friend become a total stranger, it really sad. It sucks..big time!!!

Been there...and i wonder if i am the one who are overreacted. Ummmhh, i just don't know...i feel numb. Certain things are hard to explain...much more easier to just swallow.

I am supposed to go to Anugerah Planet Muzik with the VIP seat tickets. Did some shopping but still need to buy few things when Cekya called me telling me she can't make it as her aunt had passed away in a car accident. I meet her few times during the monthly tahlil at Cekya's house. All 6 people in the car (including the kids) were injured. Ika, Ira and Mai sustained either a broken land or arm..Mai on top of that suffered a fractured skull. The news really shocked me and i don't feel like going to Anugerah Planet Muzik. Lets pray a speedy recovery for all of them, especially Mai and Alfatihah buat Arwah Ngah.


lunacy said...

patah tumbuh hilang berganti ..

so yg meninggal sape?? not ira/ika/mai's mom kan?? my heart break with the news .. and we all know how much cekya love the kids.. take care of cekya for us wtl, can?

cekmi said...

what a tragic. it must be hard for you, being so close to cekya and having to deal with such news.

it wont be recovered easily.