Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A year older..

A year older....a year wiser? Not sure..but what i can say i am definitely more mature in my way of thinking and more careful in my actions. I have a fair bit of achievements that i am proud of..way to go gurl. Still, there are rooms to be even better and things that i want to achieve.

Thanks for the wishes.


ligo said...

semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki, kuatkan iman, dan dalam jagaanNya, selalu. Amin..

lunacy said...

oh dearie it almost slip my mind!! thot today baru 15th..

anyway, growing up is the 'bestest' learning journey. am glad to noe u and be ur fren darling.

Happy Birthday!! Bertambah muda hendaknya..Amin.

Anonymous said...

up, up wonderbraaaaaaaaa

azell said...

happy belated birthday, kakak sayang... so sorry azell missed out. keje sungguh crazy skarang.. ade reminder, tapi tak bace.. bagus tak tu? anyways... may ur life filled with bless & success & glowed with love & smiles... i love u!!!