Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wouldn't have thought....

I have been wanting to go to Petronas Gallery as the Matahari exhibition is being held there but keep on delaying. Today with full determination, i walked under the hot sun to KLCC (so not me..) with the high hopes.My mind was focussed on going to the gallery and will just skip lunch. To my disappointment, the exhibition ended two days ago and the gallery is temporarily closed in preparation for another exhibition. Sigh!!! Lesson learnt...don't procrastinate, you will miss out a lot. So, decided to have lunch instead, all by myself.

After lunch, i went to Times and saw Cecelia Ahern's new book is already in store. Definitely to get my hand on that book. Since i still got a lot of time to spare, my next stop was Isetan. At first thought of buying green tea soya bean, but then i just settled for a bottle of creamy green tea. Need to tell Cekya about the book but i kind of forgot the title, so i went back to Times. I can just look through the glass for the book title but i seeing him there at the counter paying for some stuffs he bought, i decided to go in..and just want to see him from a short distance. You can say that i am one of his fans. Others would for artists but i don't. Maybe my interest for crime fictions and series, made me admires him. If I am crazy enough (not crazylogicpopstar aka rene), i would just go towards him and saying hi, letting him knows that i am one of his fans. But being me, i not the daring type. It really made my day and i was smiling all my way back to the office. It was a blessing in disguise..for the gallery being closed today.

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