Tuesday, June 09, 2015

finding me

lately i have been asking myself what i should do with myself. i feel my job did not satisfy me the way i wanted, my life is somewhat not in place, spiritually imbalance.  There's a lot that i wanted to do until i lost sight of what i really want. Am still searching. I think i am having midlife crisis...mid life crisis of identity

Suffice saying, that i am not satisfied with myself.
I am lost.
At times i want to cry.
Other times, i wish i can walk away from everything.

dire needs of soul searching
in finding me...

has any one experience the same?


lunacy said...

I find myself more settle after i attended kelas hadis. This is my 3rd yr of learning and things seems to get in place tho life is getting tougher by the day. Maybe u can try that but remeber to find guru yg bertauliah, yg mahir dlm ilmu Hadith juga sbb terlalu banyak hadith palsu dan cerita pelik yg kita percaya selama ni. Try lah ..

Yati WTL said...

in shaa Allah, this sat will attend few classes. Hope it will help me. thanks for the advice

izawani said...

Ada juga kekadang jadi gitu.. Cari sesuatu yang menggembirakan hati sendiri... :)

Yati WTL said...

izawani..ada tapi mcm tak kekal lama

Syaliza Abdul Rahman said...

Been there, still there. Sigh. Somedays i get so caught up with every day things/issues/ppl, that i lose my way or what i had in tender to do. My procrastination list is long. Very. But i always renew my intentions and restart/continue where left off. Kelas agama is a good way to start. Puasa ni Sya start join tadarus. Biarlah merangkak, yg penting dimulakan.

Syaliza Abdul Rahman said...


Yati WTL said...

Sya bagus juga kelas tadarus tu..last join tadarus masa sekolah

Aaron Tang said...

Hello Yati,

Came here from the comment you left on my blog. How are you feeling now? Still struggling to find yourself?

I-am-Cheeky Kitty said...

Assalamualaikum Yati,

What you are experiencing was exactly what I went through a few years back. Even till today, I still have days where I need to manage 'things' better.

If you answer yes to all or most of my questions, I recommend seeking professional help. Self help and change in lifestyle definitely needed too. I'm no doctor but just speaking from my own experience. At times, it goes beyond spiritually enhancing yourself. Allah gave doctors and people in your life to seek support and help where needed. Have to 'tawakkal' on both aspects of life.

1) Is it an everyday thing?;
2) Do you wake up everyday with a sense of doom and melancholy?; and
3) Does the feeling of 'lost' or 'aimless' persist regardless of sharing your feelings with others?.

Eitherway, just think about it. If you feel your family can offer a strong support system, turn to them. Otherwise, your avenue lies in professional help, loved ones or friends whom can emotionally support you.

Hope this helps. Ini sekadar bicara and not a form of medical advice.

Selamat Berpuasa!