Monday, June 08, 2015

Andrea Hirata Dan Pasar Kue Jakarta

Last week i went to Jakarta with my partner to get some books ordered by our BukumurahBookbargain's clients. My partner, Liena suggested that we go to Gramedia Matraman as it is the largest bookstore in Indonesia. At the same time, we were told by a fellow traveller, Azzah that Andrea Hirata is launching his new book title "Ayah" there.

We did not expected that we will meet Andrea Hirata in person as our initial plan was to get the book orders and furthernore, we reached there after the event has ended. Then Azzah came and met us, telling Andrea Hirata is at the cafe downstair. Wow, this our chance to meet the renowned Indonesian author who are famous with his Laskar Pelangi novel. A novel that turned into movie and made Belitung Island popular. We took a photo with him and requested him to signed copies of his new books that we bought.

This time around we managed to make our trip to Pasar Kue Subuh at Blok M. It open from 4am to 8am. We went on Saturday but it was quite late. They were about to close. We decided to go there the next day before going back to KL.

So about 4 am, we took a cab to Blok M. The sellers are still rearranging the 'kuih'. All sort of kuih and they were neatly done. I bought some to bring back with the hope that it will still good to eat when i reached KL. Alhamdulillah, they were in good condition till midnight. it is to my liking, not too sweet and just nice. Next time, i need to bring plastic container for the 'kuih'. it will be easier to carry compared with the box.

let me indulge you with the photos


Naz in Norway said...

Suddenly I feel the urge to take a trip to Jakarta! :)

Yati WTL said...


You should...i think they have lots of undiscovered hidden gems.