Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Poetry & Me

Recalling the good old days...i would not have thought that i am going to enjoy poetry as i am today. The truth is i don't have any passion for it. I still remember the time when i had to recite a poetry in front the whole class during my primary school. At that moment i really wish that the clock would tick more faster. The words that are still fresh in my mind "Augustus was a chubby lad; Fat, ruddy cheeks Augustus had;"
Years passed by, still my interest isn't there, until Kak Sunida, a friend i knew in my tuition class wrote a nice poem in my book as a rememberance of our friendship...i still keep the book eventhough 13 years gone by. I then began to collect the Malaysian Post, a forthnightly magazine, where public can send it their poems. In the magazine, i came across a poet by the name of Puteri Nelana, who spurred my interest in poetry even more with her writings. How i wish i can be just like her, able to have way with words in expressing thoughts and transformed it to a beautiful poems. For this passion i have in poetry...i have to thanks the both of you.
Kak Sunida, wherever you are, thank you for the poem and wish you all the happiness there is.
Puteri Nelana, whoever you might be, i hope you will keep on writing and inspire others the way you did to me.

I leave you all with the poem that starts it all...

Have i cast a shadow upon your life,
Have i wrongly represented your thoughts,
Have i injected the devilish idea about men,
Have i, most of all, killed the principles
that you so dearly hold.

All i can tell you is, I've never intended to let things be that way,
I am just an ordinary person
A fragile being, an innocent creature,
Who will walk this way but once,
Just the same as you are.

I am, like all humans,
An imperfect creation,
I live through trials and errors,
I was faced with tempations,'
I've stood thick and cold,
through frustration, suffering and agony,
And lastly, i choose to ignore.

The wish of my heart,
Asking for your forgiveness, if i've been wrong
This is just a path of life,
And i'll tell you, the difficulty in the choice.

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