Saturday, January 31, 2004

All work and no play, makes Jill a dull girl

It is way passed my beddy-byes hours ago and i still can't get myself to sleep. Been changing from one position to another, yet my eyes are wide open and i got only 4 hours left before i start my new day at work. Work, work, it all that i can think off? Sadly yes, at the moment and lately, i seems can't get myself to focus on my work...that is bad. Perhaps i need a break from work for a while, wouldn't want to be a dull person. Thinking back, i hardly take any day off from work for a vacation. The only days off from work is basically for my exams or medical leaves. When it comes to weekend, i prefer staying home..just sit back and relax. Oh no!!! i am dull person? Something got to be done about it. First, i need to plan a vacation for myself. Maybe it will give me time to indulge myself with leisure activities and get my mind off from thinking about work. As for now, better hit the sack and get myself some sleep.

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