Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Suddenly Single

If you loves somebody set them free,
If he/she comes back to you, he/she is yours,
But he/she doesn't, then it was never meant to be.

Sometimes i wonder if i am i trying too hard or am i hoping too much...but what the heck, if you believe in it, there is nothing wrong in trying or hoping. At least some effort is being put in it...well, eventho, the outcome is not what i would hope it to be. My relationship ended yesterday. Reason given to me was that his work is to be-all and end-all. I accepted that but it was his remarks thereafter that buttoned up my lips and hurt me even more.

In this sheer of sadness, i refrained myself from trickling a tear and kept saying to myself that things are going to be alrite...in hoping that i would be strong. I don't know, i might work or might not. They say for bad things to happen, there will be even more good things coming our way..guess i have to stick on that quote into my head using a super duper glue.

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