Saturday, March 05, 2005


It's BSC day. Only wish that BSC stands for Bangsar Shopping Complex...that would be fun. Shop until you drop. Sadly this time, this time around the BSC stands for Balance Scorecard and my day is solely dedicated to BSC. The meeting starts at 9.00pm and ended at 5.00pm.

What did we do? Practically, nothing. Listening to the bosses argued among themselves. Very not productive.

These might not be as funny as Keanu Reevers ( winked to Cekya ) but it sure made us laugh. My boss is having somekind of problem pronouncing the word actually and exactly. The words will come out as "akly" and ajackly". Out of the extreme boredom, my colleague decided to become a 'statistician'. Counting the words "akly" and "ajackly" that came out from his mouth.

The results :
1. Akly - 42 times
2. Ajactly - 15 times

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