Thursday, March 10, 2005

Car Park Crisis

Last Friday, two of my colleagues and myself received a notice of termination to our season parking at Lorong D****n just next to our office building. We are given one month to find a new parking space...which i tell you is sooooooooo difficult to find. For someone who can afford to pay RM 16.50 per day, would have no problem parking at the visitor's parking or parking by the roadside with the risk of being summoned by DBKL or Traffic Police.

On Monday, we went to all the parking lot that we can think of which are within our walking distance. The answers we got was so dissappointing. "We don't have any new allocation for season parking at the moment". We finally went to Jalan Batai ( within 10-15 mins walk from the office ). The parking attendance asked us to do to Menara Me****um for the forms,. We decided to walk all the way to PBD to get the forms. Such a relief, at last, we got ourselves parking spaces. ..

Today, to our dismay, when i called the person-charge, i was told that they have been instructed to cancel the season parking until further notice. I am so think that we been walking under the hot sun for about 40 minutes and our effort was so pointless. Back to square where to park.

I think i know what they are doing...try to take advantage of the whole situation. Increase the parking what happen to most of the parking space around here.

Been going up and down the Car Park Management office asking them to consider giving us parking spaces in the office building same as all the rest of our colleagues . Another pointless effort.

TENSION!!! Now have to crack our head again.

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