Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Busy Bee

These few days, i am quite busy with work and it will continue for another few days. Ada banyak files atas meja to be reviewed and need my assessment. The 'ship' pun senyap juga, maybe because the Captain is not around. Suasana pun tak semeriah selalu..i know i am busy. How about the rest of the crews? Miss you all lah...

Yesterday, after bookcrosser meeting at Amcorp Mall, i went shop hopping. I saw small porcelain cottages that really caught my eyes. Thought of buying for my collection but at point of time rasa macam not worth it. RM 28.00 for such a small thing. Now rasa menyesal kenapa tak beli. Perhaps , i will singgah Amcorp Mall balik nanti and beli.

Today ada makan-makan kat office. Memang selalu ada organise luncheon kat office ni. Menu hari ini..nasi beriani, ayam goreng, dalca, acar rampai and mee hoon goreng. For desert..Secret Recipe's Chocolate Banana ( Cekya's favourite and mine too ), Mango Cake, cream puff, jelly and fruits.

I am so full and you knowlah after eaten nasi beriani..apalagi, rasa sleepy yang teramat sangat. If boleh letak batang mancis kat mata...i would do so. We still keluar untuk cari parking space lagi and still the same answer we get..no parking space available. I guess I dah terbiasa with that answer sampai i dah tak rasa apa-apa lagi.

Today pun my colleague last day kat office ( samalah Cekya ). I wish her well in her future undertakings.

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