Tuesday, March 15, 2005


I think what the Captain and crews need rite now is a good laugh...tak sabar nak tengok this movie.  I love cartoon especially the cartoon classic. What about you?

I am on a new mission. HAHAHAHA. Well, not so newlah...the efforts been on and off. Need to reduce few kgs off this body before my cousin's wedding. She has been talking about us wearing a Nyonya Kebaya on her wedding.

Eating habits is hard to curb...i love food. Staying at my aunt's place doesn't make it more easier. Homecook dishes is undoubtly the best. Suffice to say, even the simple sambal sardin looks very tempting. Luckily, this time, i got a friend with the same mission as me. Time to put on our jogging gears...Lake Garden here we come.

Care to join us today??

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