Thursday, March 03, 2005


That's me allrite...indecisive at the moment. Carneyz asked how do i do that..falling for two guys. The answer, i don't know. Somehow it's just happen..not with a blink of eyes, that is for sure.

In a different story...

Yesterday i read one of Cekya's posting whereby she mentioned about her employer and me being an official grasshopper..opps a bloghopper on that day without any hesitation or delay, hopped to her workplace . I had fun reading his blog and i think others enjoyed reading it too. Full of sense of humor. Managed to put a smile on my face that day.

Aye Captain... i wanna be on board as well. I also 'meet-up' with some of the crew members ( Enigma, Lunacy,  Maverix, Awan,TaufixTatot & Carneyz ).

Smooth Sailing!!!

In another story...

When i reached home yestersday, i was to that my auntie's ex-hubby had passed away. Al-Fatihah. Later that night, my mom called and told me that my youngest brother's application to enter Sekolah Teknik has been accepted and they ( my dad n mom ) will be sending him off the school today. I am happy to hear that and then i wonder...will he survive living apart from my parents. Hopefully, this is the chance for him to be more independent and learn perhaps,a trick or two in life...a good one, please.

Gotta's 7.15pm

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