Friday, December 03, 2004

DVD Era...

After seeing the dentist for my final root canal treatment, i thought of finding myself a few vcds. So i went to this one shop that i visited few times whenever i want to get myself vcds. Looking around inside the shop, i can't find any vcd anywhere. Don't watch vcd no more...ermmm. Out of curiousity, i asked the guy there.."vcd tak ada ke?" He said, " DVD aje". At that point, i am feeling a lil outdated and went out of that shop. While walking to Bangsar Village, i stumbled upon another video shop. Going to try my luck and yes...this time i saw the vcds but very limited. Well, better than nothing. Got myself Bridget Jones : The Edge of Reason and The Princess Diary 2. Perhaps i should get myself a DVD player..a cheap one.

What say you?

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