Saturday, April 09, 2005

Am I Lost?

It's raining outside. Hujan di hari Jumaat...orang kata hujan rahmat. Bukan ke hujan itu memang rahmatNya tak kira hari apa pun.

Semalam tak pergi jogging. Keluar lambat dari office and the traffic pun quite back. Masa tengah jalan nak pergi the carpark nampak colleagues tapi tak sempat nak stop the car and tumpang. So evening walk to carkpark replaced my jogging session.

Lupa nak mentioned my close friend, Oat, balik bercuti from Bahrain. Best betul dia cuti sampai sebulan. Last nite she called tanya if wanna go out sebab dia bosan duduk rumah. Lepas minta direction to her place i pun keluar. Memang betul i ni buta jalan. Dah reached that area tapi i terlepas her sister's place. Ingat nak cari tempat untuk pusing balik but ending up buat U-turn 2 kali at the same place but tak jumpa the susur keluar to Bandar Tasik Permaisuri (BTP). After that twice u-turn, i made an assumption that the exit is perhaps kat depan lagi sikit. Know what happened? I drove until i reached Bulatan Kampung Pandan and made one round to head back to BTP. Masa balik pun macam tu. Oat showed me few route until i got confused. Despite the direction she gave me after i sent her...i still got lost. Did not where i am going, i reached at same traffic light i was at few minutes before. To cut the short, i finally found my way back but jalan jauh sikit. Am i buta jalan or what? Just for the record..we had the famous 'Sate Hj. Samuri'.


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I took this quiz and the result -->BLUE is my colour. Yes...i love blue. My room painted blue, i got blue baju kurung, i got blue skirt and blouse. Lots of blue paper files on my desk. If somebody wanna get me must be blue colour. Hihihi..kidding.

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