Thursday, April 14, 2005

True Blue

Wearing a blue baju kurung today..and i tell you, wtl definitely look good in blue. Feeling quite okay today. Said to myself, he will call if he feels like calling. In the meantime, find things to all the books yang ada with me rite now sebab nanti nak kena return to the owners.

Wtl did say that i nak cerita something kan. Wtl think this has played a part to my mood swing. Wtl tak tahu what happened between me and my best friend.  We used to talk to each other about almost everything. We cried, we laughed at each other stories. Masa she kerja kat tempat lama...almost everyday we talked. Now we work in the same office, we barely say a single word to each other. Bukannya jauh pun her seating place from me..just a few desk away. Pelikkan? Don't know what or where went wrong in our friendship. Wtl don't know what is new in her life, her ups and downs. It's like we are strangers...and i don't like it. Pernah tanya her what is happening to us..did wtl do something wrong. She said i did not do anything wrong and she is always around whenever i need her. Fullstop. If baru kenal sebulan dua..maybe i tak rasa sangat but i have known her for 8 years.

It's tearing me apart...i miss our friendship very much. I hope she will read this and know how i feel rite now.


tak dapat kumengerti
kaki dikepala
kepala dikaki
patutnya menyadari
siapa yang harus
dan tak harus kucari

tetapi tak dapat ku mengerti

yang baru kusadari
kau tinggalkanku
tanpa sebab yang pasti
sesuatu yang harusnya terjadi
kau sakiti aku
kau yang harus ku benci

tetapi tak dapat ku mengerti
tetapi tak dapat ku mengerti

ku mencari sesuatu yang telah pergi
ku mencari hati yang kubenci
ku mencari sesuatu yang tak kembali
ku mencari hati yang kubenci

ku mencari
tetap tak dapat kutemui
ku mencari hati yang kubenci

Lun - Thanks for being such a darling person. Don't worry, i'll be just fine.
Cekya - bila we can rasa your triffle?
Tatotdah dapat chord baru?
Capt D and Enig - mana menghilang?
Awan - love ur writing. Keep up the good work bro.

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