Wednesday, April 13, 2005



This is my niece Isya...penghibur hati wtl. Dua hari ni tak jumpa Isya...bila wtl reached home, she dah asleep. Semalam Yan kata my uncle and auntie took her to the hair saloon for a haircut. Tak tengok lagi..hopefully today she tak tidur awal.

Thinking of someone. Wondering how he is doing..dah few weeks tak heard from him. Nak call hp..his hp hilang. Dah sms his brother minta suruh he call me tapi senyap ajer. My emails pun tak berbalas. Hope he will ring me soon.

Something is missing from my life...searching for it. I think i know how ND have felt when he wrote about this thingy in his blog. i think i will write about this nanti..

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