Monday, April 11, 2005



We've been friends
for so long
that I don't know
what I'd ever do
without you.
We've watched each other
change and grow
in so many different ways,
celebrating each other's accomplishments
and supporting each other's dreams.
You've been the best friend
any person could be,
and on your birthday and always,
I hope you know in your heart
how much that friendship
means to me.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my dearest sis is her birthday. She is my neighbour at Malacca. We have been best friends since ages and still are. I share most of my sadness and happiness with her. My dearest...i wish you all the happiness and love in life. My birthday is also around the corner..another 5 days i am another year older.

Today someone called me. A friend i know long time ago..tak tahu kenapa he called. Because he tersangat-sangatlah jarang call me unless kalau he ada financial problem. Macam beria-ia nak jumpa mind was wondering why. if nak pinjam sorry sebab myself pun tak begitu financially stable this month. Banyak benda kena bayar. Now wtl berhati-hati nak pinjamkan orang's not that i don't want to help but when i really need the money, have to ask from them for so many times until wtl pulak yang  rasa malu.

Ada tak kadangkala rasa sedih without a strong reason? You want to cry but you cannot. Maybe because wtl tired of crying.

Lun --> What did i do during the weekend? Nothing much lah Lun. Pergi tengok-tengok my house and then visit my uncle and aunties.
Cekya --> Seronoknya bercuti-cuti Malaysia. You can come to my house any time :)
Danny --> Away on honeymoon...from work. The ship is quiet without you.
Tatot --> Feeling better dearie? hope u are.


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