Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Long Wait

Planned nak adakan BBQ last Saturday..tak jadi nak buat. Postpone to this Saturday or Sunday. Still celebrate juga but kecil-kecilan only...Secret Recipe's chocolate banana cake (teringat cekya masa tu..i know it's her favourite) on that nite.

Before that pergi Secret Recipe's dengan Adik. I had Chocolate Indulgence and Adik ordered Chocolate Moist Cake. There goes my diet..hihihihi. The Chocolate Moist Cake tu memang very moist and byk chocolate. Me, not a chocolate lover found it very sweet. If makan chocolate pun i prefer bittersweet.

I waited for 'that someone' to wish me but he forgot. It made me kinda sad. Don't want to talk about it.

You walk along by yourself
There´s no sound, nothing is changing
Been gone away, left you there
Emptiness is nothing you can´t share
All those words that hurt you
More than you would let it show
Comes apart, by yourself
All is well and everything is wasted

                                                      Sugar Ray  - Falls Apart

Lets talk about happy thing...

Tadi ada briefing by the CEO on the company's performance. He also announced those getting promotion. Syukur Alhamdulillah, i am one of them. Been waiting for it for 3 years. Kalau tak ada promotion ni dah berkira-kira dah cari kerja elsewhere.

This is one of the best birthday gift i got so far.

Cekya..love ur entry. Thanks a lot dearie.

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