Saturday, April 30, 2005


The first time i saw him, my heart melted. What i had felt that instance was beyond words. Saw him again this morning. He smiled at me and i smiled back. He is not good looking, far away from being rich. He can't walk  perfectly, can't even stand straight. He is physically deformed. His job might not be noble to most of us but it is to me. He is only a general worker at the parking area. Though he is limping, he still manages to do his job well. He doesn't beg for money, he earns his living. I admire him for that. He makes me realizes that i should be grateful being me, even if i don't the look of a model and all. No one should treat others differently as we are also imperfect.

My trip to Lumut has brought back the memories. Looking at the ladang kelapa sawit and the hill added a smile to my face. Why the smile? I spent 8 sleepless nite at the Naval Base with a bunch of people whom i never meet before and we became friends. How i miss them fellow TRYLANs. Wtl ingat lagi the 1st day we arrived, everybody kena buat push-up for being late. Not to mention the swamp and river that we crossed. We underwent the military trainings, jungle tracked the hill yang ada wild boar tracks, pacat with our 'robots' ( Navy PASKAL ). Spent a night at ladang kelapa sawit, cooked the food ration that we carried all the way across the river and hill. Just when you thought that you can sleep all nite long,  they woke you up at 12.30am for ' a tour' by yourself. Before 'the tour' kena jumpa 'tok batin'...he gave us minum air tongkat ali. The taste...yucks, so damn bitter ( later i know it was to prevent mosquito bites ). Had to memorize this sentences  " Cik Siti telah mati membunuh diri di Lembah Hantu. Sila kirimkan keranda dan kain kapan" sampai hujung perjalanan. The journey was smooth either..kena pegang your life-line supaya tak jatuh and kena kacau with 'hantu-hantu'.
Reminiscing the whole experience, i really glad that i am there. I do things that i never thought of doing. The impossible became possible. It seems hard at that point of time but its worthwhile doing. I met new friends and gained something new.

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