Tuesday, April 26, 2005


I got the promotion letter. I am happy but not happy at the same time. Why? I am happy for getting the promotion after waiting for like 3 years ( someone did not keep his promise!!! ). Looking at the promotional increment really made me feel unappreciated. Might as well don't give me the promotion..just a salary raise. Want to know how much is the promotional increment? RM 62. Whadda heck is that!!!!! What me upset me most is the fact that those who got their promotion last year got an increment at the average of RM 400. During meeting with my boss, he told me that he proposed an increment of RM 500 for me..where is the balance of RM 438?

Thot of writing about the things i did during the 4 days break...later guys. This has ruined my mood for the day.

Lun - Yes, I went out with him but my mind was thinking about B.
Danny -  Welcome back. Getting busy n busier?
Cekya - when can read the continuation of the story. Missing Nalya. :) 

Will be going off to Lumut tomorrow. Visit to TNB Janamanjung. See all of you on Thursday.

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