Sunday, April 17, 2005

Happy Birthday To Me


Birthday Recipe
by Bob Slater

To make your Birthday brighter,
Throw in a touch of love,
Next, add to it thoughtfulness,
The dreams, you're dreaming of.

Some patience and understanding,
Good times, and laughter too,
Mix in your pride and caring,
And sharing things you do.

If you blend these all together,
And daily give a good stir,
Then your birthday brings
Many blessings to you,
And Peace the following Year.

Happy Birthday


I am a year older today. My life journey has it ups and has been wonderful, nevertheless.  I learned about family values, friendship, love, heartaches and lots more. Many people have crossed my path and touched my life these past 33 years..old and new. Some still remains as friend and some move on with their life. I thank my family and friends for the love and joy they bring in my life. Most important. i am thankful to Allah for segala rahmatNya. KeranaNya jua i am still breathing. 

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