Saturday, April 02, 2005

Monkey Business

                                                                                                       MONKEY BUSINESS(Gamelan Music)
Presented by Five Arts Centre & The Actors Studio. After 6 highly successful concerts and an album, the popular Rhythm In Bronze ensemble is back with another project! Monkey Business is a collaboration with theatre master Krishen Jit and much-loved choreographer Judimar Monfils to showcase the ensemble musicians as central and creative performers in a theatre production. The musicians and performers will be involved in acting, movement and solo performance, apart from the virtuosic ensemble gamelan playing we've come to expect. Monkey Business will see the Rhythm In Bronze ensemble extend themselves and their music into new  and innovative modes of performance.

Someone can read my mind.

On Wednesday while watching, Yan told us nanti ada music gamelan at wedding reception pihak lelaki. I was!! that's great sebab i memang like gamelan very much. Even bought the cd. Tak tahulah but the music is so soothing. Can't remember bila i develop interest kat gamelan music...maybe masa uni. Yesterday, my jogging partner, Ham called and asked me if i am interested in nak tengok gamelan music at The Actors Studio. this sunday. It's her sister , Achik punya kumpulan gamelan yang buat performance.  Without hesitation, i said the pepatah Melayu, seperti pucuk dicita ulam mendatang. I read about this performance in The Actors Studio  newsletter, i think one or two months back.. Memang nak pergi but i thought the show dah habis.

Ham said if she knows that i suka gamelan, she would have given me the gamelan cds yang  Achik gave her after all her  performance. How cool is that?

This gamelan thingy has brighten my day and looking forward to this coming Sunday.


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